Playing Favorites

I hear it all the time, in the studio, on the baseball team, and at school; parents and kids thinking they are not in the “Circle of Favorites”. Even though it happens in EVERY activity involving kids I can only speak from my own experiences within my studio walls. I will be honest, I do […]

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Something shiny

As a creative person I find my self constantly distracted from my goals. Distracted by what I think are really great ideas. Like right now. One if my goals is balance between work and personal life. I have dinner plans with my husband tonight. My wonderful inlaws are coming over to watch my kiddos. The […]

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Nutcracker Marketing

The Ballet Company of East County has been producing a successful Nutcracker for the past 10 years.  In that time we have tried many different internal and external marketing techniques; the expected ones like newspaper articles, local parades, farmers markets, flyers and posters, but we really like to think outside the box and come up […]

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